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WHNT Weather WHNT Weather
Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.
2.7.6 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
155 Оценки
The WHNT Weather app is a full-featured weather app for the Huntsville and Tennessee Valley area with the tools to keep you informed of weather news, current conditions and (...)
ElTiempoTV.com | Mario Picazo ElTiempoTV.com | Mario Picazo
1.3 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
166 Оценки
El tiempo en tu mano con la máxima fiabilidad, a 14 días y en cientos de miles de localidades en todo el mundo. Información elaborada por los mejores y más conocidos profesionales (...)
MetService Marine MetService Marine
Meteorological Service of New Zealand
1.0 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
190 Оценки
MetService New Zealand marine forecasts are now available in a handy smartphone app. The app is free of charge thanks to sponsorship by Maritime NZ. Features include: - (...)
El tiempo por GPS El tiempo por GPS
Arjona Software
1.4.1 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
85 Оценки
ACTUALIZACIÓN: Ya se puede ver también el tiempo por horas. Esta aplicación muestra el tiempo que hace en lugar en el que se encuentra, utilizando la localización determinada por (...)
Japanese Weather Japanese Weather
0.9.6 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
46 Оценки
Liveviewで天気予報を表示するプラグイン。 セレクトボタンダブルクリック : 予報取得 上 : 今日明日の予報 下 : 明後日以降の予報 左/右 : 地域切り替え (...)
SejlSikkert SejlSikkert
TrygFonden smba
1.2 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
55 Оценки
Med SejlSikkert App kan du tjekke strøm- og vindforhold på havet og få information om UV-index, farvandsadvarsler og skydeøvelser. Derudover får du et kort med position og (...)
Samsung Galaxy Style Widget Samsung Galaxy Style Widget
Weather Widget Theme Dev Team
1.2 бесплатно 7 ×
0 Оценки
845 Оценки
Mobile Weather Mobile Weather
Joeri J
1.3 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
104 Оценки
Met deze app wordt u overal op de hoogte gebracht van het huidige weer en de verwachtingen op middellange termijn. Bekijk de Europese weerkaarten, satellietbeelden, (...)
Ветрогенераторы - метеостанция Ветрогенераторы - метеостанция
Creative work
1.5 бесплатно 4 ×
0 Оценки
570 Оценки
Живые обои, показывающие реальную погоду, а также давление, влажность температуру и скорость ветра. Если в настройках поставить галочку "Show real weather", (...)
Weather Weather
Navten Inc.
1.16 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
209 Оценки
Get the latest current conditions, forecast and more! Fast and reliable. Enjoy these popular and easy to use features: - Search and add cities around the Globe. - Four day forecast. - (...)
웨더볼(Weatherball) 웨더볼(Weatherball)
WX72 Corp
1.2.32 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
119 Оценки
Weather for you! ***************************** 웨더볼은 LG U+가 개발한 날씨 어플리케이션으로 전국 41곳에 설치된 웨더볼 로봇에 의해 수집된 꽃가루 데이터와 날씨데이터를 사용자에게 제공합니다. 혁신적인 디자인과 (...)
Aviation weather (METAR / TAF) Aviation weather (METAR / TAF)
2.1 бесплатно 11 ×
0 Оценки
135 Оценки
The aviation weather app is an android app for retrieving decoded metar as well as taf/short-taf reports for almost 5.000 stations worldwide.
Intelligent Thermometer Intelligent Thermometer
Logic Splash
1.9 бесплатно 2 ×
0 Оценки
270 Оценки
Intelligent Thermometer is a great application to track the outdoor temperature at your current location from the status bar. You can track the outdoor temperature from the status bar (...)
Tukisio Tukisio
бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
90 Оценки
This app displays calendar with moon phase and tide.
WBAY StormCenter 2 On the Go WBAY StormCenter 2 On the Go
2.2.126 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
151 Оценки
With StormCenter 2 On the Go, you always have the latest Green Bay & Northeast Wisconsin radar and weather forecasts at hand. Keep your eye on StormCenter 2 Pinpoint Digital (...)
Veður Veður
Stokkur Software
1.1.1 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
153 Оценки
App fyrir Veðurstofu Íslands. ------- Vedur, Veðurstofa Íslands, Vedurstofa Islands Icelandic, Veðurstofan, Vedurstofan, Meteorological Office, Icelandic weather, weather in Iceland, (...)
Cолнце Cолнце
2.1 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
70 Оценки
Солнечные бури представляют собой угрозу для спутниковой связи, навигационных систем и электрооборудования передачи. Солнечные бури релиз частиц, которые могут (...)
ScoutLook® Hunting Weather ScoutLook® Hunting Weather
1.052 USD 2,03
1 ×
0 Оценки
312 Оценки
The ScoutLook® Weather App, brought to you by Mossy Oak, is a world-class resource for weather details, geocoded to your exact locations. ScoutLook provides map-based (...)
Garmin Pilot Garmin Pilot
Digital Cyclone, Inc
бесплатно 19 ×
0 Оценки
443 Оценки
** 30 Day Free Trial! ** Plan. File. Fly. Garmin Pilot is the most comprehensive suite of tools for Android designed specifically for general aviation and corporate pilots. Flight planning, (...)
HK Weather HK Weather
1.12 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
88 Оценки
HK 7-day weather forecast from HK Observatory, typhoon map, Air Quality Health Index (replacing the Air Pollution Index), regional weather of HK, weather for major cities of (...)
City Weather Latest City Weather Latest
1.3 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
146 Оценки
Small, Smart and Sweet! This will display Latest Weather by using Location service. Also, you can see weather for different Places. Don't want to praise my own application.Try it! Feel (...)
MultiWidgets MultiWidgets
1.3.17 бесплатно 1 ×
0 Оценки
114 Оценки
Widget for Android phones to view the weather from http://meteo.org.pl . In addition to the weather, you can also keep up to date exchange rates and calculate your installment loan (...)
全國空氣質量指數 全國空氣質量指數
Fresh-Ideas Studio
2.1.6 бесплатно 3 ×
0 Оценки
578 Оценки
• 支持超過 200 個城市的近 1200 個監測點。 • 能夠根據所在位置顯示最近的監測點的監測數據,更具參考價值。 • 數據來自國家環保部和各省環保局的權威發佈,實時更新。 • (...)
Tokyo Radiation 放射線 Tokyo Radiation 放射線
4.1 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
64 Оценки
Made for the people living in Tokyo. Search Option Tokyo,chiba,Saitama,Kanagawa
Yellow Dust [황사] Yellow Dust [황사]
Ghiwook Nam
2.0.5 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
148 Оценки
Monitoring Yellow Dust (Asian Dust) in South Korea. (only South Korea). The data comes from Korea Meteorological Administration. This has a Widget. You could set a city and (...)
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