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Лучшие программы для Android - Работа

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ODK Collect ODK Collect
Open Data Kit
1.4 бесплатно 2 ×
0 Оценки
307 Оценки
ODK Collect is a phone-based replacement for your paper forms. It renders a form, survey, or algorithm into prompts that support complex logic, repeating questions, and multiple (...)
PocketAlign™ PocketAlign™
4.0 USD 30,00
0 ×
0 Оценки
0 Оценки
The PocketAlign™ by ManageWare™ was originally designed for the mechanic in the field. Today the new PocketAlgin™ is an affordable reverse alignment app designed for a (...)
Головной Блок / Курс валют Головной Блок / Курс валют
Simple Game Studios Pakistan
2.1.9 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
30 Оценки
"Ultimate Converter" прост и лучших приложений в Android Market до сих пор. Наряду с различными преобразований единицы она также обеспечивает конвертацию валют , а (...)
Habit Streak Pro Habit Streak Pro
5.0 USD 3,41
2 ×
0 Оценки
478 Оценки
✓ Join thousands of users to achieve your goals with Habit Streak Pro (the premium version of Habit Streak). ✓ Habit Streak helps you achieve your goals (or New Year's Resolutions) (...)
Maths Formulas Maths Formulas
1.6.9 бесплатно 1 ×
0 Оценки
361 Оценки
A simple yet elegant maths handbook for students, scientist, engineers and analysts. Maths Formulas just lists all the formulas related to: 1. Polynomials 2. Calculus 3. Probability 4. (...)
Essential Kitchen Calculators Essential Kitchen Calculators
Sidetop Software
1.11 USD 2,99
0 ×
0 Оценки
9 Оценки
Essential Kitchen Calculators will become your new partner in the kitchen. These calculators will save you time and eliminate the guess work in doing many complex cooking (...)
Colortone Photobook Colortone Photobook
Sugulu Factory
1.0 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
11 Оценки
Now you can give life to all those wonderful photographs of your wedding, kid’s birthday party, family trips, friendly get-together and a lot more with Colortone Photobook. Just upload (...)
Quoda Code Editor (Beta) Quoda Code Editor (Beta)
Quoda Developers (Beta) бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
399 Оценки
Quoda (http://www.getquoda.com) is the powerful text and source code editor for Android, allowing you to code and upload, on the go. Quoda provides a large set of features to make (...)
календарь виджет KEY календарь виджет KEY
Milan Sillik
6.0 USD 2,09
29 ×
0 Оценки
506 Оценки
Это не приложение не совершает никаких действий – это лишь КЛЮЧ (лицензия) - после его приобретения следующие опции календаря-виджета будут разблокированы: * (...)
Minuum Keyboard Minuum Keyboard
2.3 USD 3,70
55 ×
0 Оценки
7 517 Оценки
MINUUM - The smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space. It’s the little keyboard for big fingers! Minuum takes up less than half the screen space of (...)
WebDrive WebDrive
South River Technologies
2.2 USD 4,95
0 ×
0 Оценки
6 Оценки
WebDrive, the world's premier cloud storage access and file transfer client for the desktop, is now available on Android! WebDrive connects you to all the files on your storage servers (...)
Jorte Календарь Jorte Календарь
Jorte Inc.
1.7.7 бесплатно 606 ×
58 Оценки
135 940 Оценки
Jorte - это ваш личный органайзер. Мы преследуем цель сделать дизайн приложения привлекательным и практичным, как обычный бумажный органайзер. o Это (...)
SwiftKey Tablet (Legacy) SwiftKey Tablet (Legacy)
SwiftKey USD 5,13
173 ×
33 Оценки
26 173 Оценки
NEW CUSTOMERS PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS APP. This is a legacy product to provide updates to existing customers. EXISTING CUSTOMERS continue to get updates and (...)
CAD Touch CAD Touch
cadTouch Software
5.0.7 бесплатно 3 ×
0 Оценки
2 220 Оценки
cadTouch is a PRO CAD solution that completely reinvents on-site drawing, giving to professionals in various core fields like architecture, engineering, real estate, home design, and (...)
Windows 8 Metro Launcher Windows 8 Metro Launcher
1.6.2 бесплатно 34 ×
0 Оценки
5 705 Оценки
Windows 8 Metro Launcher now on your Android Device. Features: # Personalize your homescreen with your favourite Apps and Widgets. # Live weather tile # Charmbar # Access (...)
Shift Calendar Shift Calendar
Scopelliti Giuseppe
1.3 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
10 Оценки
Shiftcalendar e' un calendario facile da usare ed intuitivo. Posso assicurarvi che anche vostra nonna vorra' iniziare a lavorare su turni solo per poter usare questa applicazione. Provate (...)
Minuum Keyboard Free Minuum Keyboard Free
2.3 бесплатно 44 ×
0 Оценки
7 968 Оценки
Try Minuum for FREE for 30 days. MINUUM - The smarter, smaller keyboard that lets you do more with your screen space. It’s the little keyboard for big fingers! Minuum takes up less (...)
ASUS WebStorage ASUS WebStorage
ASUS Cloud Corporation бесплатно 6 ×
0 Оценки
6 795 Оценки
ASUS WebStorage provides personal cloud storage space to more than 10 million registered users around the world. ASUS WebStorage supports different platforms and devices, be (...)
LectureNotes LectureNotes
Acadoid Developer
2.4.9 USD 4,65
40 ×
0 Оценки
4 996 Оценки
LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus. It has been designed while having a user at university (or at school) in mind, for (...)
Asset Manager Asset Manager
SegBay Info. Systems
1.1.0 USD 1,18
0 ×
0 Оценки
0 Оценки
This app is perfect for organising all your personal belongings electronically. The easy-to-use app will help you to take inventory of things within your home and store it all in one place. (...)
Clear Defaults Clear Defaults
Zeal Droid
1.0 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
231 Оценки
Have you ever struggled to find clear out a default that you had set previously? Have you ever forgotten that you had set any app as default previously? We all have! This application (...)
Plugin Danish Plugin Danish
3 бесплатно 0 ×
0 Оценки
26 Оценки
⑴ Install this plugin and Multiling O Keyboard. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kl.ime.oh ⑵ Run O Keyboard and follow its setup guide. ⑶ Slide space bar to switch (...)
Swipetimes Time Tracker Swipetimes Time Tracker
Leon Chiver
3.0.2 бесплатно 7 ×
0 Оценки
116 Оценки
Swipetimes Time Tracker - an effective and comfortable time tracker application. Work time, hobbies or sport: it won't let you down, offering you an enjoyable time tracking experience, (...)
ezPDF Reader - Multimedia PDF ezPDF Reader - Multimedia PDF
Unidocs Inc. USD 4,32
458 ×
9 Оценки
23 265 Оценки
ezPDF Reader is the best selling, best rated and most commented Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator, form filler with calculations and paperless solution. User Guide: (...)
jVault jVault
1.4.2 USD 2,99
0 ×
0 Оценки
31 Оценки
jVault is an application designed to store sensitive information on the Android smartphone and tablet devices. Passwords, bank account numbers, PINs, insurance cards, and other (...)
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