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Word Perfect!

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Версия Android
2.3 и выше
10 000 - 50 000

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Word Search Puzzle is a light weight word puzzle game that sticks to the basic ingredients required to make a great word search puzzle game! Simple fun! Word Search has a simple to use touch and drag interface for easy word circling along with a wide variety of unique word themes and puzzle sizes. Go large with your tablet for gigantic puzzles that fill the entire screen or keep things simple and stick to the smaller word puzzles for smaller mobile phone screens. The games are simple to play with words that are suitable for all ages and you can compete online with other Word Search Puzzle players for best completion times using the integrated ScoreLoop scoreboard service!

Word search puzzle is completely free with tasteful ad support that doesn't interfere with the game play. New word themes to be released in future updates. Word search puzzle has multiple puzzle sizes and each theme has multiple words that rotate within them so even if you play the same theme twice you never see the same exact words over and over again, also word search puzzle has a completely randomized word placement system so words won't always appear in the same places each game either. When you finish a game you can see your average seek time as well as which words were found and when!

Word Search Puzzle Features:

- Simple touch and drag interface
- 25 puzzle themes with 25-30 words in each theme
- Randomized word placement as well as word rotation within each new puzzle game
- Word themes are suitable for all ages and cover a wide variety of subjects
- Multiple puzzle sizes with support for both tablets and handheld devices
- Timed games with a recap screen that lists which words were found and when
- ScoreLoop integration allows players to compete against the global scoreboard
- See if you can improve on your average seek time each game
- It's free!

User reviews:

"Entertaining Really nice game, keeps your mind busy when you need a distraction."

"Best one I have played so far Easy to use, has a full list, not just a couple of words and has different sizes. Great for the size of my device."

"Really Good Really good basic app, Nice games You can also select words backwards which is helpfull as my touchscreen isnt the best response to games so really pleased with this. Thankyou"

"Word search It's enjoyable and adrenalizing when you utilize timed responses. It's great fun."

Please send feedback to us if you run in to problems running the game on your specific android device, please don't post technical issues in the rating section. We want to help if you have a problem :)


Word Perfect!
Word Perfect!
Word Perfect!
Word Perfect!
Word Perfect!
Word Perfect!
Word Perfect!
Word Perfect!



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