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WriteChinese: Write Chinese!

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Версия Android
1.5 и выше
1 000 - 5 000
USD 4,98

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Presenting: WriteChinese, the premier written Chinese trainer from SJC Linguistics! Only by writing will you ever learn to write, so why not give yourself the world's best tool for just that?

Between Explore Mode - where you can discover new characters - and Drill Mode - where you can put your memory to the test - you'll be well on your way to recognizing and reconstructing the most common hanzi (Chinese characters) like you learned them in China! Naturally!

Explore Mode:
-Trace stencils for each character card in the proper stroke order. See translations and pronunciation.
-Sound for each card will play as you write, associating the sound with your muscle memory.
-Flip between cards to explore Super Sets and hide cards from view to practice at your own pace. You can change which Super Set you want to explore in the settings.
-Quickly add characters to your Working Set for use in Drill Mode, where you can test yourself on any sub-set of cards. Add characters to your Working Set by turning the star icon on over their heads.
-Use the list to track your performance in Drill Mode, jump to a selected character, or edit that card's Working Set and mastery data.
-Search for all characters contained in the program. The first time you do this after a database change, it will update the database once and may take a small amount of time to do so, so be happy that more characters have been added!

Drill Mode:
-Choose the characters you want to work on by adding them to your Working Set. By default, all Super Sets have a default Working Set of the first five characters.
-Whether you're training yourself for reconstruction, accuracy, beauty, or mental imaging, the layout lets you chose how you want to test yourself. At any time you can clear a card's mastery data and decide again what to test yourself for.
-Progress reports back to your list in Explore Mode.

-Contains both simplified and traditional characters. Change this setting with the Time Warp preference.
-Adjustable brushes for tailoring to different screen types.
-Adjustable shake-to-clean feature
-Customizable colors.
-Full sound library.



WriteChinese: Write Chinese!
WriteChinese: Write Chinese!
WriteChinese: Write Chinese!
WriteChinese: Write Chinese!
WriteChinese: Write Chinese!
WriteChinese: Write Chinese!


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