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Flashlight - Color (PRO)

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Версия Android
1.6 и выше
5 - 10
USD 3,28

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Flashlight - Color PRO version

You can turn your phone into a color flashlight. This flashlight helps finding your way in the theater, in the dark. It can also send bright help signal text.

Also, you can dance with its strobe light in a club.


-Maximize screen brightness

-Change color of flash light

-Normal Flash

Screen Flashliht, Camera LED flashlight

-Useful light effects

Text, Scroll, Slide

-Emergency light effects

Strobe, Police, Emergency

-Fun flashlight effects

Candle, Disco, Rainbow, Blink, Spiral

Have you ever tried to use your phone's screen as a beacon of light, only to find it's just not bright enough? Turn your phone into a versatile flashlight with Flashlight - Color, the app that brightens up your phone's day and leads the way. Never be caught in the dark without a light again.

Light When You Need it, Where You Need it

Stuck outside with no street light? Color Flashlight helps you out in the darkest of occasions. Use Color Flashlight to find the perfect seat in a dark theater, or find your way around when the power goes out at home.

Color Your Light

Change the color and brightness of your phone's screen to help guide you where you want to go. Choose from a full range of colors to find your favorite custom-made light. Make fun flashlight effects by tapping on the menu button and choosing effect, color, and brightness.

Cool Custom Effects

Have your phone's screen simulate police light, candlelight, a rainbow, a disco ball, and more. You can even use Color Flashlight to display your own personal message by typing in text, or host your own personal dance party with the built-in strobe light.


Flashlight - Color (PRO)
Flashlight - Color (PRO)
Flashlight - Color (PRO)
Flashlight - Color (PRO)


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