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Blue Escape Theme Chooser

Информация:Show more
Версия Android
2.1 и выше
100 - 500
USD 1,98

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Программы разработчика

Azuro Metalico Launcher Theme
CM / AOKP Aurum Metalico Free
CM / AOKP Azuro Metalico Free
Bump Launcher Theme
Verde Metalico Launcher Theme


*** This is a T-mobile theme engine theme ***

***Available in 7 colors check them all out***

My newest theme Escape. If your looking for a theme that is polished and complete then this may be for you, using darkish blue gradients, mixed with primarily black and dark grey gradients and smooth curves I dont think you can go wrong with this theme. The theme includes thousands of themed images so it sure to completely theme your phone from top to bottom.

***Whats Included***
This theme will completely change your phone theming most all system apps including framework, systemui, settings, mms, gmail, talk, email, and more. It will also theme various third party market apps.

***Whats not Included***
This theme will not theme your icons in the app drawer, nor does it include wallpapers. I plan on releasing a free launcher theme in the near future that users can use to add on to this to theme.

***Special Note Please Read***
I can not control how rom devs build/code there rom because of this there may be aspects that do not look identical to the screenshots, the theme uses code for inverted messaging which most roms include but not all, also different roms use different code for navbar and statusbar images, I believe i have them all covered but i may not. I have personally tested this on AOKP, BAMF, and PE and have sent out test apks to various people running other roms in hopes to get any issues. Any issues you run into please contact me and I will do my best to get the issue fixed for you.

***Install Instructions***
1. Install apk
2. Go to theme chooser select system theme and reboot
3. Go to theme chooser select Aurum and reboot
4. Enjoy the theme

I cant respond to market comments so if you are having any issues please feel free to email me jatx2wne.dev@gmail.com or contact me via twitter @jatx2wne.

Thanks to haxzmatic for providing a source to work from when theme chooser first began with CM7, @nmiltner for helping me when my source broke, @Bboy, @stetsonaw, @artvandelay and @Dcomobile for various help along the way. Also thanks to the whole andoid community especially those who have helped me along this themeing path and anyone who has ever used/uses my work.

** I truly appreciate anyone who supports my work so thank you for downloading and if you like theme let me know by leaving good comments. Also I would like for everyone to be happy with there purchase so please any issues you have contact me and I will do what I can to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Again thank you for your support.**

Tags: Theme Chooser Engine CM10 AOKP BAMF ParanoidAndroid Xylon Baked Rom Blue Escape


Blue Escape Theme Chooser
Blue Escape Theme Chooser
Blue Escape Theme Chooser
Blue Escape Theme Chooser
Blue Escape Theme Chooser
Blue Escape Theme Chooser
Blue Escape Theme Chooser
Blue Escape Theme Chooser


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