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Ghost-O-Matic 3000

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Версия Android
2.1 и выше
500 - 1 000
USD 5,99

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The ultimate toolkit for the Serious Ghost Hunter. At a fraction of the cost!

The Ghost-O-Matic 3000 is an elegant tool which enables you to:

1. monitor, among others, Trifield electromagnetic (EMF) and EVP activity in your surroundings by use of the internal Android phone sensors. Attainable accuracy is well within +/-1 micro-Tesla in most phones.

2. automatically begin recording sensor data if the EMF readings rise above a pre-established EMF trigger level (user configurable).

3. record eight of the available sensors in your phone. These include the Trifield EMF readings (X,Y,Z, and Composite), the Accelerometer readings (X,Y,Z, and Composite), temperature (one, where available -- usually in Android 4.0 and higher), and audio.

4. chart, in real time, disturbances in the composite EMF, composite accelerometer, and temperature (where available) signals. Charting automatically adapts to the ambient conditions and auto-scales so that you can focus more on the task at hand, not on the tool.

After your hunting session, you can then:

1. listen to the audio

2. attach notes to each of the sensor and audio files

3. share both sensor and audio data via email, ever note recording and storage cloud applications, and similar. This is especially useful for sound file analysis and data charting in your PC using third party software.

4. plot this data in either Excel, Google Docs, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Gnumeric.

We have neither added random word generators, easter eggs, nor spooky music to try to scare the user. There are no gimmicks. This is a serious tool for serious investigators, limited by the capabilities of both your android hardware and your own abilities. We figured that the only sounds that you should be hearing are the true sounds around you, plus the sound of your own knees as they knock against each other!

And, more importantly, there are no extra modules to buy to get this functionality!

Please help us make this a better tool! Contact us with ideas, comments, or concerns at support@xilton.com. And if you like this application, please give it a positive review!

This tool is for entertainment purposes only.


Ghost-O-Matic 3000
Ghost-O-Matic 3000
Ghost-O-Matic 3000
Ghost-O-Matic 3000
Ghost-O-Matic 3000
Ghost-O-Matic 3000


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