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Slice: Shopping Smarter

(7 244)
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Версия Android
2.2 и выше
100 000 - 500 000

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Slice is partnering with TouchOfModern to provide a one-time credit towards any ToMo purchase, upon registering with an inbox with shopping receipts.

As featured 3 times on NBC's The Today Show, Slice is your smart shopping assistant that keeps an eye on the stuff you buy so you don’t have to -- watching for price drops, tracking your packages, and alerting you on hazardous product recalls. All done automatically with the e-receipts in your email ... that's why it's so smart!

And now, for a limited time, Slice is partnering with Twice (https://www.liketwice.com/) and TouchOfModern (https://www.touchofmodern.com/) to provide a special $10 one-time credit towards any Twice or TouchOfModern purchase, upon signing up for Slice!


★ SAVE MONEY: Slice saves shoppers real money with helpful Price Drop Alerts, which tell you when you are eligible for a refund when something you’ve bought is subject to a price adjustment. This has helped our users save hundreds of thousands of dollars, with the average price drop putting $25 back in your pocket.

★ TRACK PACKAGES: Slice automatically grabs tracking numbers from your email and tracks the location of your packages. Slice displays updates on a map so you always know the status of your shipments and sends you push notifications when your packages are being shipped or out for delivery.

★ KEEP SAFE: Slice tells you if something you’ve bought has been recalled from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), keeping you and your family safe.

★ SAVE RECEIPTS: Slice also manages your shopping activity by organizing your purchases into categories, keeping records of your receipts for easy returns, warranty redemption or reference.

★ BUDGET: Slice tracks your spending habits so you can see how much you’re spending, on what, making it easy to keep an eye on your budget.

Oh and here are some other nifty features for you power users out there:

★ SCAN BARCODES: Outbound parcel scanner to track the status of your outgoing deliveries and returns. Great for you eBay sellers out there who want to track the stuff you ship!

★ TRACK PRE-ORDERS: You can pin an order to the top so that you don't forget about it. Perfect for pre-orders and daily deal vouchers.


REVIEWS for the Slice app in the press:

• NBC’s The Today Show
"Slice is the easiest, most stress-free way to manage all of your online shopping."

“Similar to what Mint offers for your personal finances and TripIt for your travel plans, Slice is a simple way to organize your purchases and simultaneously track orders from multiple vendors.”

• CBS News
“the service is incredibly secure … Slice is a must-have tool for online shopping… I actually thought it was fun to see how I've spent my money through the years.”

• Android Central
“Slice is an excellent way to keep track of your online purchases and keep up with orders that are on the way.”

• Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps
“Slice is a brilliant companion to your online shopping … it's certainly going to be where I track my purchases for the foreseeable future.”

Don’t believe the press? Here’s what some of our users had to say:
• Love it: I am an Amazon addict and this helps me keep track of everything
• It really works: No more typing in codes at FedEx or UPS. Great app.
• Awesome: Very useful app...Tracks Amazon, Ebay and Newegg flawlessly.
• It's made tracking everything so easy whether it's all from Amazon or orders from other various sites. I love Slice!!!
• Perfect for online shoppers!
• Works like a charm: Great for tracking all of my Amazon, eBay and other orders.

Slice is completely FREE, simple and secure. To date we’ve tracked over 160 million purchases. We’ll save you time and money. Download today!


Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter
Slice: Shopping Smarter



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