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7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice

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Версия Android
2.3 и выше
5 000 - 10 000
USD 4,02

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OFFLINE translator and dictionary with text and speech recognition -- ONLY 50MB for 7 languages - the ultimate foreign language tool when you are abroad! The only app that translates text offline without Internet/3g from and to seven languages!
Translates offline without data connection between English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish and Bulgarian in offline mode. Translate offline and save on data roaming charges when you travel!

- translates offline from and to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish and Bulgarian;
- offline speech synthesis using the TTS voices installed on the device;
- fully functional offline translation without any internet connection;
- automatically detects input language;
- second language button (in the upper left corner) and swap languages button (in the top center of the screen) for easy swapping between the two languages.
- users can report incorrect translations; Help us improve the translation quality!

- offline dictionary between English, Spanish, Turkish, German, French, Italian and Bulgarian;
- recognizes any word form and identifies its features (number, person, gender, etc.)
- displays all the translations for a given word;
- Integration with Moon+ Reader (tm);

- voice output with the built-in Text-To-Speech (TTS) engines for speech synthesis. When started, the application will ask which TTS engine to use. You may set a default one if you don't want to be asked every time;
- please note that the application does NOT provide voice input yet. However, if your device has Android 4.1 there is built-in offline voice typing for English, German, French, Spanish and Italian;

- all translations made will be kept if you want to access them fast.

- point your camera at a printed text or sign and the new feature will convert it to text, which can be translated;
- it is important to first set the language of the original text, or the feature will not work properly;
- please crop (select) only the text you want translated, trying to avoid any unnecessary artifacts around it;
- best results are obtained by providing best conditions - by using higher resolution cameras, good light, and normal angles. Colored text, fancy fonts or non-uniform background won't help. Try as many times as necessary to obtain best result;
- the camera is trying constantly to auto focus the original text. Try to keep your hand steady to get the best shot.
- you are getting this feature for free currently - we would like to hear back from you to improve it.

You can test the translation without buying the app at http://offline-translator.com or by downloading one of our free applications.

Help us improve the translation quality (and get a free update) by translating text and suggesting better translations for SkyCode at http://itranslate4.eu

If you encounter problems with the app, please contact our customer support!

NOTE: We have implemented the new Licensing policy - as required by the Google Play platform. On first start, the application starts working in Limited mode (some features are disabled). You need to switch on your internet connection once to allow checking your license, and if the check succeeds, you will be able to use your application with all features enabled for a period of time. Be warned that Google's Licensing server sometimes responds slowly - so be patient.

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7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice
7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice
7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice
7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice
7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice
7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice
7-1 Offline Translator w.Voice


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