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Doggie Pubs

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Версия Android
2.1 и выше
10 000 - 50 000

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Программы разработчика

PAJB Error Test


Find pubs in the UK where you and your best friend are welcome to share a good meal and a pint.

Drawing on the extensive database of pubs from http://doggiepubs.org.uk, allows you to quickly find and map dog-friendly pubs near your current location or to search for and do the same for any other location within the UK.

- shows an easy to browse summary of all the pubs within about a 12 mile radius of your chosen location including a star rating and a description
- where a website is provided allows one-click browsing to see more details
- integrates with Google Maps and Google Navigation so that you can easily locate and navigate to the pub of your choice
- includes a one-click telephone option to enable you to contact the pub and make a reservation for yourself and your four legged friend
- provides a link to the Doggie Pubs website to allow you to submit new pubs from your phone

NOTE: since February 2011 (and since v0.8 beta), I am no longer officially associated with doggiepubs.org.uk. I have therefore removed any branding associated with their site. I have continued to use public URLs from the website to obtain data. As I have significantly updated the functionality of this app for my personal use and it seems to have a degree of popularity, I have taken the decision to release these updates to existing users. You should be aware that doggiepubs.org.uk informed me when we parted company at the beginning of the year that they were working on a new official Android app and you may wish to check their website for news of its availability (http://www.doggiepubs.org.uk/mobile/).

-- More detailed change history

- 1.2 introduced issues, 1.3 is the same as 1.1


- added to Market for devices without phone and/or GPS support (e.g. tablets)


- no changes except version

v0.91 beta

- fixed niggle where you had to double click Find Pubs button

v0.9 beta

- added a request for users to rate and review the application with detailed instructions
- added ability to show distances in miles or kilometers (see Settings under menu)
- added a link to the Doggie Pubs website to allow submission of new pubs from your phone
- tidied up layout, fonts, colours, etc...

v0.85 beta

- fixed bug where the wrong info would appear in a slowly loading list of pubs
- tidied up code and committed to local SVN

v0.8 beta

- all negative comments from reviews of v0.7 beta have been addressed and fixed
- streamlined
- pubs ordered by distance from search location
- pubs displayed with details in a single scrollable list
- integration with
Google Maps and Navigation
Internet Browser
- lots of bug and quality fixes
- doggiepubs branding removed


Doggie Pubs
Doggie Pubs
Doggie Pubs
Doggie Pubs
Doggie Pubs
Doggie Pubs
Doggie Pubs


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