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PowerAMP Status Bar Controller

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Версия Android
3.0 и выше
50 000 - 100 000

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*Now compatible with latest PowerAMP version (v2.x)*

Hi everyone, PowerAMP Status Bar Controller (formerlly PowerAMP Controller + Kinect) is an external add in for the famous PowerAMP music player.
This application allows *new* ICE CREAM SANDWICH Mobile devices and Honeycomb+ tablets user to control PowerAMP directly from their notification bar. Moreover, it also has an *experimental* feature of connecting your Microsoft Kinect and control music directly with your hand gestures !

+ Control PowerAMP directly from Notification Bar (Quick play/pause/next/previous/volume control).
+ Multiple backgrounds (currently 7) for you to select.
+ FIRST ANDROID APPLICATION featuring connecting with Microsoft Kinect (requires Android 3.1+ for USB Host + USB OTG Cable + ROOT)

*Integrating with Kinect:
(see http://www.nkahnt.com/musicctrl/manual.html for pictures, YouTube clip coming soon)
Experimental feature, do not rate this application low if it is not working well. Better support will come as soon as skeleton tracking feature is complete
Requirements: USB Host + USB OTG Cable + Seperate power supply for your Kinect + ROOT + Android 3.1
- Connect Kinect to USB host.
- Launch PowerAMP Controller from your app drawer.
- Click on the Kinect icon (may not work the first time of clicking since the application is asking for root permission).
- Tilt camera to suit your need (prefer place without interference).
- Start controlling music with hand gesture.

*Hand gestures:
Work best in range between 1m and 2m
- Spread 5 of your finger vertically in in front of the camera to start/pause music playing.
- Spread 5 of your finger horizontally to the right in in front of the camera to skip to next song.
- Spread 5 of your finger horizontally to the left in in front of the camera to go back to previous song.
- If you do the gesture correctly, the LED on your Kinect will flash green.

This application is provided for free of charge, no string attached!. Please donate (any amount) to support the project even further. If you donate high, I will get your name on future release of the application.

Please install, use and give me feedbacks :D
Tag: PowerAMP, Hand gesture, Microsoft Kinect, Music control


PowerAMP Status Bar Controller
PowerAMP Status Bar Controller


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