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Mindping - with Songza support

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Версия Android
2.2 и выше
500 - 1 000

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Программы разработчика

Mindping todo's
USD 0,92


This is the reminder (or todo) app to simply manage tasks that should be done at different places. It could be used to create reminders for "things to do when I get home" without having to use maps or the GPS. Add the reminder, get home and receive a "ping" notification.

In as little clicks as possible you can create a "mindping" for when you "get home" or "leave work". It's also simple to either postpone a mindping for next time or delete it once completed.

I have also added automatic songza support should you want to save the name of a song to purchase later, for example when you get home.

The pitch ...

No GPS, battery friendly, simple location reminders.
Now with Songza and Shazam quick Mindping support.

When you really think about it no one knows when exactly they will need to be reminded. However there are alot of reminders we want as we get somewhere or leave. It can be from a simple video to watch at home to taking a prescription or calling a magazine to cancel a subscriptions. The goal of Mindping is to make creating reminders as simple as possible, having an easy when of adding notes to a reminder and of course avoiding using the GPS.

MindPing is a one trick pony, it's a simple reminder app which pings when you get home, leave the office. It's a reminder for thing you need to do when you arrive or leave. MindPing is battery friendly no GPS, no random data transfers, no periodical updates. There is a catch, it s all wifi based, MindPing determines where you are when your Android connects or disconnects to a known wireless network.

Mindpings are:
Reminders when you arrive
Reminders when you leave
Reminders for a time of day (morning, night, etc)
Reminders on a specific day
Reminders once every 24h
Reminders for things you do once
Reminders for things you do everyday
Reminders with a tag but also a description
Reminders without GPS
Reminders in 3 clicks

keywords: reminders, wifi, location, gps, ping

Songza is a registered trademark of Songza Media Inc. No affiliation with Mindping


Mindping - with Songza support
Mindping - with Songza support
Mindping - with Songza support
Mindping - with Songza support


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