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Beach Trip Planner

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Версия Android
1.5 и выше
100 - 500
USD 1,07

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Configurable beach trip checklist with everything needed for packing for the beach. Comes pre-populated with more than 100 items. If you are a ocean person, this is all you need to ensure you don't forget anything. Check/uncheck and reuse everytime you go on trips. Save all the time typing the list. Easy and very intuitive thumb friendly check/uncheck options.

For just $2 more, you can also get "Ultimate Checklist" that includes 52+ occasions and 12,000+ items including this list and lot more. Just search for it in the market.

The app does NOT request for any permission. It does NOT need internet connection and there are absolutely NO ads. Your privacy is guaranteed. Comes with FREE lifetime updates.

Features include:
- Add new items
- Add new categories
- Thumb friendly check/uncheck option
- Hide checked items
- Unhide checked items
- Option to check all
- Option to uncheck all, so you can reuse the list again.
- Rearrange items
- Edit existing items (long press on any item for option to edit)
- Edit existing categories (long press on any category for option to edit)
- Delete existing items (long press on any item for option to delete)
- Delete existing categories (long press on any category for option to delete)
- Indicates the total number of items and the number of items that need to be completed.
- Color coded (green, yellow and red) for a visually appealing presentation
- Reuse the list multiple times.
- Comes pre-populated with lots of items that can save you typing.

Make travel stress free.


Beach Trip Planner
Beach Trip Planner


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