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My Home

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Версия Android
2.2 и выше
100 - 500
USD 1,99

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Программы разработчика

My Home theme - Black neon
My Home Lite
My Home theme - Soda
My Home theme - Suave HD
My Home theme - Techube


My Home is another home replacement besides ADW, Launcher pro etc. Inspired by iphone. The goal is to make a full featured launcher in small size while keep user interface clean, flexible and highly configurable. Tested on nexus one and nexus S. Please see some tips of how to use below.

Please search 'pub:Farmer' for themes, or use ADW, LPP themes.

Iphone similar folder;
Nesting folder;
App badge support (gmail, missed call, facebook etc);
App starring;
Icon customization;
Label customization;
App layout customization;
Folder background customization;
Dock background customization;
Theme support, compatible with ADW and LPP theme;
Integrated with Android system wallpaper system;
Icon mirror reflection in docks;
Better shadow effect on icons and labels;
Widgets auto positioning (similar to Jellybean style);
Widgets resize, pin and arbitrary position support;

Feature in theme development:
Icon mask, shadow, overlay support in theme (similar to iphone);
Font customization;
Icon list that user can pick from;
page dots, folder background, dock background, badge, star and folder icon customization.

First run may be slow because of creating records for all apps. Please be patient.

Tips to use:
Press and hold any app to enable edit mode;
Press and hold then drag to other app to make a group in edit mode;
Drag app out of folder for 1+ second to de-group;
Drag app to left/right edge to scroll in edit mode;
Fast group by multi-touch: drag one app a little bit (to avoid triggering long press) and hold, then tap another app to make a group;
Click top right corner of the app in editing mode to open action menu;
Press back at first app page to open widget screen;
Click menu to add widget at widget screen;
Press and hold the widget to move;
"Multiple selection" (needs to enable in settings): Tap each app to select, press and hold on any selected app to group; To move app out of folder, tap each to select, then press and hold on any space outside the folder area.

Please check out "My Home Lite" before buying in case it does not work for you.


My Home
My Home
My Home
My Home
My Home
My Home
My Home
My Home


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