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DiabloGolf Golf Handicap Track

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Версия Android
1.5 и выше
10 000 - 50 000

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View your 20 most recent scores, post 9 or 18 hole scores, auto-fill tee box used, course played and calculate course handicaps. Locate Me function allows GPS to find the courses nearest you or select from one of our 16,000 courses to make posting scores easier.

DiabloGolf and the USGA are in a dispute regarding the fair use of golf handicap rules. In connection with this, the USGA has decided that DiabloGolf can no longer post GHIN handicap scores to the GHIN database.
If you are a member of DiabloGolf that was taking advantage of our GHIN features, we have automatically converted you to our DiabloGolf Recreational Handicap. In doing so, you will still be able to post scores on our DiabloGolf app and website and take advantage of all of the other features we have to offer.

As the first of its kind and the # 1 rated golf score posting app in the marketplace, we believe you will find continued enjoyment by using our app. We have big plans for our mobile platform and are excited to roll these features out to you in the near future.

We at DiabloGolf have received questions from our members concerning the USGA's decision to terminate DiabloGolf's access to the GHIN server. We value all of our members' questions and concerns and offer this additional release to provide an additional explanation about the end of DiabloGolf's relationship with the USGA. The USGA, not DiabloGolf, has decided to terminate DiabloGolf's access to the GHIN server. We have asked the USGA not to do this and to allow our members to continue to enjoy all of the services that DiabloGolf has provided since its inception. Unfortunately, the USGA has made clear that it will not continue to allow DiabloGolf to access the GHIN server.

We understand from the USGA that it objects to DiabloGolf's recreational handicap. The USGA believes that DiabloGolf should not offer a recreational handicap and that DiabloGolf doing so violates the USGA's intellectual property rights in some way. We have asked the USGA to explain its belief and we will provide further guidance to our members if and when we receive such an explanation.

We further wish to stress that we have worked with the USGA and its state regional associations for years on DiabloGolf, making no secret of the recreational handicap. In fact, at one point, after discussing the recreational handicap, a state regional association gave DiabloGolf "two thumbs up" on its application. We were very surprised and disappointed when the USGA told us that we needed to stop offering the recreational handicap if we wanted to continue our relationship with the USGA.

We know from you, our members, that you value the recreational handicap. We have worked hard to provide it to you. We do not intend to take it down.

We continue to hope that the USGA will reconsider its decision.

-The DiabloGolf Team

Golf course information changes constantly. Feel free to contact us at DiabloGolf.com if your course information is out of date.

Some users have left reviews stating new upgrade caused them to lose their scores or course data. This is simply not the case. All data for scores and courses is stored on the GHIN and DiabloGolf servers so updating the app will never cause a loss of data.

If you experience any issues email us support@diablogolf.com and one of our support team will help you out. Leaving a 1 star to let us know does not help as we have no way of diagnosing your problem or contacting you.

We have added the option for you to send us your log file. If you are experiencing issues with the app this the best way to let us know and give us the information we need to fix your issue. From the login page if you hit menu you can send it. Or if you are already logged in you can send it from "Report Issues" in the "Golfer Info" Menu.


DiabloGolf Golf Handicap Track
DiabloGolf Golf Handicap Track


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