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"We are glad to have our app at AndroidPIT. We think that it is a great platform that enables us to reach customers not only in Germany but also in other areas of the world. We can see a direct advantage in being able to distribute Layar in countries that are excluded from Google Market and trust AndroidPIT in their efforts to support us in this. Featuring only high-quality apps, AndroidPIT also provides a great user experience not only for the users, but also for developers."
Martin Ahe, Layar
"AndroidPIT - прямая связь с AndroidCommunity для barcoo и woabi"
Tarik Tokic, checkitmobile
"We like AndroidPIT because itʼs open and allows us to sell our apps in spite of the fact we are from "Eastern" Europe"
Rok Zorko, Outfit7
"Thanks to AndroidPIT we found an attractive channel to directly target our customers. Previously we had almost no options for performance-based marketing for apps. AndroidPIT offers a fair and transparent solution!"
Sven Elstermann, Aloqa