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    PhotoFrame free

    Turn your phone into a Digital Photo Frame. Decorate your desktop with beautiful pictures. It runs automatically when the phone is connected to a power charger or cradle. Simply put (...)

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    Top view race car game with AI opponents and combat. Paid version has more levels and unlocked features. Note: On GoogleTV you must press the control key for input on the (...)

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    Work Calendar

    *** Please test out the Lite version! *** You are shiftworker or have changing working-time or schedule? It bugs you to setup every single calendar entry according to your work (...)

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    Bunny Wars: Egg Defence

    Intense bunny blasting action! Help the chicks repel endless waves of advancing bunnies who think of nothing but making it away with the chicks eggs. It's time for war. Bunny Wars! (...)

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    TuneWiki - тексты + музыка

    Музыкальный плеер с Synced тексты на любом языке, только музыкальный плеер, где можно получить, делиться и поговорить о лирике и музыке. * Слушайте музыку с (...)

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    Навигатор Shturmann

    -->>> 180 дней - срок бесплатной подписки на карты! -->>> Кстати, у других нет, а у нас есть 49 стран Европы! Пользуйтесь GPS навигатором Shturmann для Android каждый (...)

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    BLOCCO Silent Mode Plug-in

    This is the Silent Mode plug-in for BLOCCO. With this plug-in and BLOCCO, you can automatically turn silent mode and Phone Vibrate on/off. ** This is a plug-in. It requires "BLOCCO" (...)

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    Котята - фотографии и картинки

    168 качественных фотографий милых котят у Вас в телефоне! Приложение не требует подключения к Интернету. А это значит, что Вы всегда можете показать картинки (...)

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    InfoSec Reference (Donation)

    All content is offline(i.e. available without an internet connection.) If you want an online searchable resource(I will be adding offline search soon) check out my site, rmusser.net/infosec (...)

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    APRSdroid - APRS Client

    APRSdroid is an APRS application for Amateur Radio (HAM) operators. It allows reporting your position as well as sending and receiving messages. It also conveniently displays nearby (...)

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