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OfficeSuite Pro 7 (PDF & HD)
№ 1 мобильный офис в мире сегодня! >>> Выбор PCMag редактора и Google Play мобильный офис Выбор редакции <<< # Установлена ​​на более чем 120 миллионов (...)
Splashtop Remote Desktop
**ON SALE for $4.99 (50% off of the regular price of $9.99)!** This is the ONLY remote desktop app that streams the whole PC or Mac screen to your Android smartphone with smooth, (...)
OfficeSuite Font Pack
Get a genuine view of your Word documents with the Microsoft Windows Font Compatibility pack. The pack includes most used fonts in Microsoft Office documents. > Arial (Regular, (...)
Convertor Pro
All the units you need to convert, wrapped in the best user interface: as easy and intuitive to use as a calculator. It's unit conversion done right! • Converts as you type (no "Convert" (...)
DW Contacts & Phone Pro
DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer Это мощное и обязательное для всех приложение для совершения звонков, управления контактами и телефоном. ОСНОВНЫЕ ФУНКЦИИ (...)
Smart Office 2
View, edit, create, print, and share documents on all your mobile devices. SmartOffice lets you access Microsoft Office and other documents from anywhere. SmartOffice includes (...)
Remote Web Desktop Full
Remote Web Desktop enable you remotely manage & control your Android device from the computer web browser over wireless connection. # Why Upgrade to Full Version 1. No Ads. (...)
Calendar Event Reminder (CER)
Calendar Event Reminder (CER) добавляет мышцы стандартным календарям Android турбонаддувом напоминаний для событий/встреч. Теперь вы можете полностью (...)
Work Calendar
*** Please test out the Lite version! *** You are shiftworker or have changing working-time or schedule? It bugs you to setup every single calendar entry according to your work (...)
Office 2012: TextMaker Mobile
TextMaker Mobile is the only word processor for Android that lets you open, edit, and save all your Microsoft Word documents while preserving all formatting and content. It displays (...)
Office 2012: PlanMaker Mobile
PlanMaker Mobile is the only spreadsheet for Android that lets you open, edit, and save all your Microsoft Excel worksheets with all data, formulas, and formatting intact. It displays your (...)
Office Documents Viewer (Full)
(formerly Mobile Document Viewer) Small and fast OpenOffice.org and (with limitations) Microsoft Office 2007 document viewing application. It allows opening office productivity (...)
MobiMail for Outlook Web Email
MobiMail is a native Android app that replaces Outlook Web Email to connect directly to your corporate Exchange Server or to Office 365 (Exchange 2003 as well as POP3 and IMAP (...)
App Locker II Pro
★ What's the best app protector? Strong password? Of course NOT. The best proector would let prier not be aware of any protection. App Locker II is one such protector. ★ How it (...)
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