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Ярость Comic Maker
Rage Comic Maker - это приложение для Андроида, которое позволяет пользователям легко создавать “злые” комиксы на телефонах. Это самое скачиваемое приложение (...)
Next Launcher Theme P.Sheep
Puppet-Sheep Next Launcher 3D Theme ===>Brief introduction: Purpet-Sheep Show Theme, designed by Go Dev Team, is available now! Lovely, Cartoon style, covers icons, (...)
Next Launcher Theme 3D Magic
Magic Next Launcher 3D Theme ===>Brief introduction: Magic theme, designed by Go Dev Team, is available now! Get it and have a completely new makeover of your smartphone (...)
More than 3000 categorized jokes in Spanish. Share jokes over SMS, E-Mail, Twitter or any other installed client with your friends. Jokespedia is a separated version with english jokes (...)
Фотокомиксы (бесплатно)
Создание комиксов это просто! Это так же просто, как фотографии с камеры и добавления удивительным комические картины. Есть множество комических графику в (...)
Комиксы маски бесплатно
Для того чтобы быть создателем комиксов очень просто! Все, что вам нужно сделать, это взять фотографии с камеры и добавить удивительный комические картины. Есть (...)
Teste de Pureza
Teste seu nível de pureza! Este aplicativo é um quiz somente para diversão que te ajudará a descobrir quão sexualmente puro você é! Algumas perguntas tem palavras não tão (...)
Photo talks - speech bubbles
Make great comics from your own photos. Photo talks detects people's faces on a photo and AUTOMATICALLY generates dialogs as speech bubbles for the people on the photo. The (...)
Real Facts
OVER 6000 FACTS!! Updated constantly! Always adding new features. Now reads the facts to you via voiceover! Real Facts is a trivia treasure chest, filled with over 6000 random (...)
Alla ricerca di barzellette divertenti? "Barzellette" ha oltre 2.000 barzellette suddivise per categorie. Invia le barzellette via Mail, Twitter, ecc. Per favore utilizzate i commenti per (...)
Vous cherchez blagues. "Blagues" a plus de 3000 blagues classées. Envoyer blagues avec Mail, Twitter, etc .. Les blagues sont inclus dans l'installation donc pas de connexion (...)
Pickup Lines
Get the greatest pickup lines right on your phone! Use these and we can guarantee the women/men will be flocking over to you more so than if you wore a 3 wolf 1 moon t-shirt! Not (...)
B.S.Love Next Launcher Theme
Bloody sweet love Next Launcher 3D Theme ===>Brief introduction: Bloody sweet love theme, designed by Go Dev Team, is available now! Get it and have a completely new (...)
Jokespedia - Funny Jokes App
Jokespedia - this hilarious app is the most comprehensive collection of the best jokes, sayings, poems, riddles, and funny quotes in the English language. You can add your best (...)
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