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United States
Madison, WI


PerBlue is a mobile and social gaming software company based in Madison, WI. We are a young and energetic team of engineers, artists, designers, and marketers that was founded in 2008.

Программы PerBlue

  • Parallel Kingdom MMO

    Slay epic monsters in dark dungeons or battle the dragons lurking right in your own backyard! This location-based MMORPG brings the epic fantasy to life wherever you are. All this and (...)

    Программа протестирована:
    Дата обзора: 03.11.2011de
    Дата обзора: 03.11.2011es
    • Google Play: Кол-во звезд: 4 (61 467)
    • Пользователи AndroidPIT: Кол-во звезд: 4 (22)
    • Цена: Бесплатно
  • Parallel Mafia MMORPG

    This location based game puts you into the world in your real life city. Start your own mafia right down the block! Features real-time combat, player-to-player trading, and a huge amount (...)

    • Google Play: Кол-во звезд: 4,5 (14 406)
    • Пользователи AndroidPIT: Кол-во звезд: 3 (4)
    • Цена: Бесплатно