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★ Free calls - anyone, anywhere, any phone!
★ Call any mobile or landline for free - worldwide
★ Free SMS to any mobile - worldwide
★ Group chats with up to 20 yuilop friends
★ Unlimited and free calls & free chats with yuilop friends (VoIP & instant messaging)
★ Share pictures, emoticons, smilies or your location with yuilop friends 

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Do you want to make free calls and send free SMS worldwide? With yuilop you can. Free calls & messages. Anyone. Anywhere. Any phone.

Exchange energy points for free minutes and SMS and you can call and text anybody totally free of charge, even when your contact does not use yuilop.

How to energy points? It’s free and simple:
★ Invite a friend
★ Earn energy through incoming calls and SMS on your free yuilop.me number 
★ Use our energy offers

Notice: You only use up your energy when communicating with a friend, who has not downloaded yuilop yet.

What others say about us:
★★★★★ “So what’s so special about (yet) another free messaging service? … Yuilop users can call and message non-Yuilop users and (...) it’s still free.” - TechCrunch

★★★★★ “I am using this app on the Nexus 7 and it is really useful, if I leave my phone at home I can call anyone if I have my tablet with me. Thanks for this great app...keep up the fantastic work.”

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Talk for free is the real revolution!

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Simply the best messaging and calling app. Download now!

You want to send free sms to Pakistan or call India for free? With yuilop it’s possible. Send free texts, free chats and make free international calls to anyone, anywhere on any phone. Free chats and unlimited calls via VoIP allow you to stay in touch with all your friends no matter where they are. Wanna chat with all of them? Use the group chat and share pictures, emoticons, smileys, smilies, emojis or your location with up to 20 yuilop friends. What sets yuilop apart from all the other messenger apps and calling apps? yuilop combines free sms and free calls worldwide, either in 3G or wifi network, with VoIP services, instant messaging and unlimited calling from yuilop to yuilop.

Your privacy is very important for us. Your data is safe with yuilop. We
don’t give it away to third parties. Your chats via yuilop are always
encrypted. Your mobile number is your user ID. It becomes verified at the
moment of installation. Your account can’t be stolen when you change your
mobile phone or tablet.

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Follow us on Twitter @yuilop
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If your connection fails, voice & messaging will
also fail - yuilop requires Internet connection, ideally via 3G or WiFi.
These failures may be caused by reasons outside our control.

There are no special measures for end users with disabilities.

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