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Программы styx

  • Compail

    What is the difference between Compail and other email apps ? Compail is radical new approach to experience email communications. Simply create a few intelligent "Compail" boxes (...)

    • Google Play: Кол-во звезд: 3,5 (158)
    • Пользователи AndroidPIT: Кол-во звезд: 4 (2)
    • Цена: Бесплатно

    jUNICON is a small, handy and very easy to use unit, number and currency converter. You will soon depend on this 'Swiss Army Knife' of converters as it will not only convert (...)

    • Google Play: Кол-во звезд: 4 (2)
    • Пользователи AndroidPIT: Кол-во звезд: 0 (0)
    • Цена: Бесплатно
  • Yanto

    Yanto (Yet another todo) is an easy to use to do app. The To-Do's are managed in Categories. You can set an alarm for a date and time. Yanto can notify you once or repeatedly. It (...)

    • Google Play: Кол-во звезд: 4,5 (19)
    • Пользователи AndroidPIT: Кол-во звезд: 0 (0)
    • Цена: Бесплатно